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Attorneys using Collaborative Law

When you’ve been married to someone for quite some time, your finances become intertwined. That’s part of the legal definition of marriage — you share finances, property, and even debts with each other. Divorce has an ugly public image. People associate it with dramatic, drawn-out disputes, passive aggression, and general ill will.

Four hands putting together 4 large pieces of puzzles together.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At 123 Divorce Company, we pride ourselves on our continuing work in the field of collaborative law. The revolutionary new approach and process to family law offers a way for both parties, and their legal teams, to work together instead of fighting against one another. Using mediation and negotiation tactics, we create a safe environment for everyone to work things out without going through the expense and headache of going to court.

The collaborative law approach to divorce offers a way for both parties to compromise together and ensure outcomes that work to everyone’s advantage.

Divorce doesn’t have to be about winners and losers. Our expert attorneys help you work together with your former partner and their legal team, so that everyone can walk away satisfied with the terms of the divorce.

Collaborative Divorce: Working Together When Things Don’t Work Out

Divorce can be a painful and confusing time. Couples sometimes disagree on specifics involving division of assets, child custody, and other issues that come up when two people decide they no longer want to be married. It isn’t just the interpersonal relationship that’s coming to an end — it’s also a legal partnership that is being terminated, and that has many ramifications.

It doesn’t have to be a matter of “winning” and “losing.” Divorce isn’t always a zero sum game. A former couple may not agree on everything, but it doesn’t mean there needs to be an antagonistic relationship when it comes to settling financial and other issues that come with the territory of divorce.

Collaborative law is a newer, better way of approaching divorce law and other areas under the family law umbrella. It uses mediation and negotiation to make sure that both people can compromise so that they both come away satisfied from the divorce agreements.

Rather than taking an “us versus them” stance against the ex and their legal team, we work with them to try to ensure the very best outcome for everyone involved.

Why We Recommend the Collaborative Law Approach

There are some very good reasons why our attorneys are so passionate about collaborative law. At the end of the day, it saves a lot of trouble and expense for everyone, and often leads to better, more positive outcomes for both sides of the dispute.

  • Drawn-out litigation can drain the finances you were originally trying to divide up fairly. You can avoid this through collaborative law, making mutual decisions out of a courtroom setting.
  • Hostile communications are fundamentally limited, with everyone convening in a safe environment with everyone and their legal teams present. This can help prevent further damage to already unstable family dynamics, and reduce toxicity from one or both partners.
  • It offers an opportunity to think “out of the box,” arriving at potential solutions that you might not have thought about before.
  • The privacy of both parties is protected, and personal issues don’t need to be brought in.
  • Collaborative law approaches can help reach compromises and solutions more quickly and efficiently than litigation — and at lower cost.

Our Collaborative Law Attorneys Can Help You Achieve a Fair and Amicable Divorce Process

At 123 Divorce Company, our experienced family law attorneys have years of experience using the collaborative law approach to help couples handle divorces fairly, in a way that helps everyone benefit equally and reach satisfactory decisions and compromises.

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