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123 Divorce Company, spearheaded by extensively experienced lawyers for child custody, provides comprehensive consultation services for separating couples, helping them arrive at a favorable agreement. We understand that separation can be emotionally and financially draining, and in such a situation, it can be tough to find a midway on vital matters such as child custody. It is, therefore, essential to hire an experienced lawyer for child support Dallas Texas who has the expertise to understand every element of the case and can suggest the best course of action based on the intricacies involved. That’s where we come to the rescue.

Child Custody Options

When a court passes a verdict on a child custody battle, the primary aim is to ensure the decision is in the “best interest” of the child. Based on dynamics such as parents’ behavioral history, financial stability, medical background and other such factors, the court may offer sole or joint custody.

Joint Custody in Texas

  • The child lives with one parent, and the other parent may stay in touch while complying with the interaction guidelines prescribed by the court.
  • Parents may even live with the child for an equal period.
  • Both the parents get involved in deciding related to child upbringing such as medication, education, religion and more.

Note : The court may also designate one parent as a sole decision maker of the child if one parent violates the orders and make decisions which have direct impact on the life of the child without including the other parent

Sole Custody

  • The child would live with one parent who has control over his all decisions such as education, medication, religion issues and more.
  • It is a rare form of custody and comes in the role under special conditions such as child neglect and family violence.
  • If the other parent is not capable enough to take the responsibility of the child, the other parent gets the custody.

How To Get Full Custody?

Although the court always favors joint custody, it has to make rational decisions if one parent is violent or has substance abuse problems or is unfit to care for the children or to decide. The custodial parent has all the rights to decide on behalf of the child starting from his education to his medical treatment. The other parent has no right to decide but can be allowed to visit the child under strict supervision.

How to Get Paternity?

If the mother gets the custody, father pays 20 percent of his income as child support and extra 5 percent in the case of other children. However, if the DNA tests show that the father is not a biological parent of the child, he is not liable for child support. The court passes a verdict only after the DNA test.

How to Get Off Custody on Child support?

The court can change its orders if it realizes that the change benefits the child. Some of the cases when court takes immediate actions to change its orders are:

  • Loss of job of the custodial parent
  • If the court doubts danger with the parent who has physical custody
  • The child requests to live with the other parent
  • Serious illness to the parent


The court can end the rights of the parent in cases

  • Severe physical, psychological, emotional or sexual abuse of the child
  • Failure in providing necessities or required care to the child
  • Long-term medical illness of the parent
  • Failure to comply with the court’s order

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